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Life Insurance

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Individual Life

  • If you are looking for life insurance, you have come to the right place. Our specialty in understand your lifestyle, needs and wants will allow you to have an unmatched Life Cover within the Life Insurance Companies in the county.
  • Simply enter your details on our secure quote form and leave it to us, we will do the rest and you will get the best possible option within no time.
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    Group Life

  • Look after your people and business with Group Life Assurance.
  • Should the worst happen and an employee dies, Group Life Assurance pays out a tax-free lump sum to their loved ones. If not for group life this would need to be paid via company money.
  • It’s a highly valued employee benefit that shows you care - and it can increase your attractiveness as an employer.
  • More the members it elect you get negotiated rates, discounts on premiums and stability in pricing with tax free premium. Our experts will guide you through the different options to match your requirements and budget.
  • If you already have Group Life Assurance? We can review your existing cover and offer you a new quote for free. There’s no obligation and we are happy to help.
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    Loan Protection Life Insurance (DTA)

  • Obtaining a loan could be a great way to achieve you or your family’s life goals sooner than planned.
  • But this will also expose you and your family of risks. What if you unexpectedly lost your job or can’t work because of an injury or illness.
  • You may not be able to make your monthly loan instalment. Or even if death occurred unfortunately or you become totally disabled due an accident or sickness, you will leave your family with an unbearable burden of repaying off your loan.
  • Loan Protection Policy (DTA) helps pay off your repayments or covers your loan repayments when you are not able to or in need.
  • Loan Protection Cover will cover
    Death cover – pays off your outstanding loan in the event of your death
    Death with Total and Permanent Disability Cover - which can help settle the outstanding loan and as well as the cover your minimum monthly repayments if you become permanently disabled due to an accident or sickness
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